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9 Days Minority tour in Guizhou

This journey will give you a strong contrast between modern life in the teeming metropolis and the traditional tribal existence of minority ethnic groups. Guizhou and Guangxi provide the backdrop to a huge number of Chinese minorities. Perhaps most famously, Guizhou province is known for its well-preserved Miao villages where the traditional identity and lifestyle of this fascinating tribe has been kept alive. Guizhou not only features a kaleidoscope of colourful minorities, but also contains a geographically distinct natural landscape, 80% of which is mountainous. The scenery is a lovely mix of steep drops and beautiful rice terraces. Our itinerary is carefully designed for those who want to stay away from the tourist traps, in order to experience the true essence of the Miao lifestyle.

Day 1 Arrive GuiYang

Day2 Liuzhi –Suoga village ---kaili

We drive through a vista of terraced fields to Suoga, famous for the Long Horned Miao. This group still grow some hemp which they traditionally use to make their clothes. Today they buy cotton to make their long pleated skirts and jackets (local villagers here may ask for money if you photograph them). We also plan to stop off to see Miao nick-named Four Seal Miao, as they once served the Emperor and it is said that the seal was awarded to them by the Emperor.

Stay in Kaili

Day 3: Kaili –MaLiao

 After breakfast, we will be transported to Maliao,a village which is located in the top of the moutain , in this peacefull village will allow us to experience the rural culture . we will stay with the local family . Miao are a very hospitable people, they warmly welcome visitors and always keep their house open for guests.

Home-stay with local in Maliao

Day 4 Rongjiang

Today we will travel by bus into Congjiang County to begin our stay in the heartland of the Dong ethnic group. Rongjiang is the gateway town to the multitude of Dong villages scattered throughout Congjing County.After a day-long bus ride, we will have time to relax and refresh ourselves.


After breakfast we will heading to congjiang to explore the nearby Miao Village of Basha which is notable for the unusual hairstyles worn by the local males. Basha Village is a place where ancient culture has been completely protected, and this group is quite different from other Miao groups in terms of their clothing and daily life.

Stay in congjiang 

Day 6: Xiaohuang / Zhanli

Zhanli, a village which is considered as an outstanding village for birth control
(each family has only a boy and a girl, it is said that one or two women in the village keep the secret herb recipe to the choice of the couple to expect a son or daughter).
The village is just beautiful that has attracted many painters to put the mirage to their art. Stay at the farmer’s house in the village.

Day 7: Zhanli / Fuzhong / Liujia
Trek from Zhanli to Liujia, we will pass by Fuzhong Miao people‘s village, then transfer to a boat to Guping. Hike for another two hours to Liujia, this day we will see many traditional drum towers in the middle of each Dong village we pass by. These drum towers are always built in different shape and size just to embody their individual feeling and meaning.
Stay in the village.

Day 8: Liujia / Gaodiao
From Liujia village to Gaodiao village (Miao). Today we will leave Dong village for Miao village by hitting walking stick on the steep road to the hill top where we will see the Miao people, men still keep hair long and have it twisted on their head as Indian Sheik people do.
Stay in the Miao village.

Day 9 Zhaoxing,

Zhaoxing is the largest Dong village in the whole of China. The ancient wooden architecture and centuries-old practices are deeply concealed within the dense mountains. There are five sections in the village and every section acts as the residence for one particular clan whose life centres upon a drum tower, constructed by the members of that clan. The features of Zhao Xing Village construction are demonstrated through the five wooden drum towers of different shapes, the four magnificent wood-structured roofed flower bridges and the five theatrical stages. We will spend our time exploring Zhaoxing and its surroundings . stay in the zhaoxing

Day 10 Zhao Xing

Since zhaoxing a such a nice village ,we will stay one more night here to enjoy the beauty of te nature。

Stay in zhaoxing

Day 11long sheng

Todays’ highlight will be the amazing terraces on the mountain of Yao minority , where famed for it beautiful natural landscape. We will visit the spectacular ‘Dragon’s Backbone’ rice terraces, Longji Village and Ping'an Village and appreciate their 650 year history. We will also visit the Yao minority in the local Longsheng village before moving on to our final destination of Guilin in Guangxi province.

Stay in longJi

Day 12 Bus to Guilin airport for next destination .

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