SinoOdyssey China Travel Service
SinoOdyssey China Travel Service

Beyond The Great Wall

EducatiOnal travel in China

We create and organize educational travel programs that offer a mixed learning and traveling experience. These tour programs are intended to broaden and deepen the perspective of each participant by encouraging them to interact with the local culture and participate in their own learned experiences of China, this goal will be implemented by introducing them to a new culture, a new language, a new set of challenges, and co-creating an experience where the students are able to meet the challenges that are presented on these journeys.

Our program offers a strong emphasis upon building a solid foundation from which to understand the local culture and customs; full of excellent activities and adventurous travel- a great mixture of learning and fun. Both students and teachers will be amazed at how much we can offer. participants are able to meet the challenges that are presented on this journey.



We design and organize trips and educational tour through out china for school and universities, therefore providing a platform that enables schools, institutions and other educational organizations to undertake a challenge and experience an adventur



Our mission is to carry out a safe journey and life-changing experience through engagement of Chinese culture, and thus challenge students and create interest in leaning new culture.


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We believe it is our responsibility to facilitate the educational experiences of our students by providing them with memorable journeys that open their minds to other people, languages, cultures, tastes, social situations and environmental concerns.

• To expose students to different areas where they can enjoy new cultural and educational experiences and return home with a more open and accepting mind

• To provide an opportunity to put their skills and knowledge into practice while outdoor adventure.

• Encouraging teamwork and inter-personal co-operation.

• To practice and promote virtues to obtain the fullest development of one’s potential.

• To promote a social experience where students live with their peers, take care of their own needs and make certain compromises to get along in a new situation.

• To create a sense of humility in the participants.





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