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SinoOdyssey China travel service

Yangtze Gold Cruise

The place of departure: YingchangDeparture time

Set time: every week

Number of days: 7 days

Gathering place: on ruequest

    Yangtze Gold Cruise

    Yichang to Chongqing


    Day 1   Sep 30th flights CN701 ( Hainan air) Departure 6:35)

                                 Guide will pick up on Yichang arrival and check in hotel 


    18:30-21:31         Boarding Check in

    About 21:01         Cruise introduction                  


    Day2  River Cruise

    06:31                Depart  from  Yichang                 

    06:30-07:01          Morning coffee, and Taiji exercise.             

    07:00-08:31          Breakfast (buffet)                    

    08:30-11:01          Shore excursion to Three Gorges Tribe (optional)

    10:01                Lecture about acupuncture                    

    10:46                Set sail , passing through the Xiling Gorge     

    12:00-13:31          Lunch(buffet)               

    14:00-16:31          Shore excursion to the Three Gorges Dam                   

    16:30-21:01          Set sail ,passing through the Three Gorge Ship Locks

    17:00-18:01          Happy  hours               

    18:20-19:01          Captain welcoming party                  

    19:00-20:31          Dinner (buffet)             

    21:01                Dancing  Ball                    


    Day 3 River Cruise            

    06:31                Morning coffee, and Taiji.                       

    07:31                Set sail ,passing through the Wu Gorge                      

    07:00-08:31          Breakfast (buffet)                    

    08:30-12:31          Shore excursion to the Lesser Three Gorges by boat         

    (mini three gorges optional)                       

    12:30-14:01          Lunch(buffet)               

    14:01                Set sail ,passing through the Qutang Gorge               

    15:00-17:31          Shore excursion to White Emperor City (optional        

    15:00-16:01          Lecture about Chinese Painting                  

    19:00-20:31          Dinner(buffet)              

    20:31                Entertainment show                     


    Day 4 River Cruise

    06:30-07:00                Morning coffee, and Taiji exercise .  

    07:00-08:00                Breakfast (buffet)   

    12:00-13:30              Lunch (buffet)   

    13:00-16:30             Shore excursion to the Ghost City of Fengdu   

    19:00-20:30              Supper (buffet)     

    21:00                     Entertainment  show

    Day 5 River Cruise

    06:30-07:00                Morning coffee, and Taiji exercise .  

    07:00-08:00                Breakfast (buffet) 

    After breakfast will off shore and then guide will pick you up at ChongQing Pier and 1.5 2nd class  Gtrain transfer to Chengdu. Hotel check in and refresh from the cruise. A evening show will be arrange before dinner.

    Day 6 Chengdu Panda Base/Leshan Giant Buddha Statue

    l  Chengdu Panda Base

    l  Boat Trip to visit Leshan Giant Buddha Statue

    In the morning, you will transferred to Chengdu Panda Base to see the cute panda. After lunch,

    Take a 2-hour drive to visit the Buddha Statue by boat and then go back to Chengdu.

    Day  7 Chengdu

    After breakfast we will take morning flight back to Beijing. Airchina 4113 8:00~10:45

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