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Minority Culture Tour In Guizhou

Basic Info:

    Sisters Meal Festival Tour

    Sisters Meal festival will happen in the villages around Taijiang County on April 10-13 in 2017. It originally started in Laotun village. This festival could be dated back to many years ago, but nobody can tell in which year it started. Some local old famers ever told us that, long time ago, in a village of Laotun, there were more than 20 girls who did not have a boyfriend yet, because their village was isolated, and hard to be visited by young men of other villages. Those girls' parents got worried about their daughters' future, so did the girls. Because in the Miao villages, a 22-year old single girl could be called "too old and hard to find a husband". Therefore, their parents tried to arrange a party and invite young men of other villages to join, so the "old girls" could find boyfriends. Before the party, their parents went to a market in Shidong which happens every 6 days (still happens today) to announce the party's date: the 15th day of the 3rd lunar month.  After the first party, most of them found boyfriends. If some of them did not get yet, they can wait for next party's coming. Year by year, this party becomes a festival for young people to get to know each other. Today, this festival not only happens in Laotun, but also in Shidong and other Miao villages.

    D1(April 09)Arrival at Guiyang

    Our driver and guide meet you at Guiyang airport and transfer to Kaili.

    Stay overnight in Kaili

    D2(April 10) Kaili-Taijiang-Kaili

    Sisters' Meal festival! Visit Sisters' Meal festival and visit other Miao villages on the way.

    Stay overnight in Kaili

    D3(April 11) Kaili-Shidong or Laotun-Zhenyuan

    Visit other Miao villages and to visit the Sisters' Meal festival in local villages. Stay overnight in Zhenyuan


    Visit Black Dragon cave and Wuyang river.

    Stay overnight in Kaili

    D5(April 13) Kaili-Rongjiang

    Visit Langde Miao village, Jidao Miao village, and the traditional ceramics mills near Leishan. After Leishan, we drive to Rongjiang, and visit other Miao or Dong villages on the way.

    Stay overnight in Rongjiang

    D6(April 14) Rongjiang-Congjiang-Zhaoxing

    Visit morning market in Rongjiang, and visit Basha Miao village on the way to Zhaoxing. Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

    D7(April 15) Zhaoxing

    Drive to Tang’an, visit Tang’an Dong village and its nearby terraced fields, hike to Zhaoxing from Tang’an, it takes us 2 hours. Relax in the afternoon.Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

    D8(April 16) Zhaoxing to Rongjiang

    Visit Dimen Dong village and Dali Dong village.Stay overnight in Rongjiang

    D9(April 17) Rongjiang-Danzhai-Kaili

    Visit Qingman Miao village and Shiqiao village where the local Miao farmers still make paper with trees' bark, which can be dated back to 600 years ago.

    D10(April 18) Kaili-Guiyang airport ,

    Drive to Guiyang airport and the trip ends.

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