SinoOdyssey China travel service
SinoOdyssey China travel service

Rediscovering Hidden Treasure

Off The Beaten Track

Although the Han ethnic group is by far the dominant majority, China is also home to more than fifty diverse ethnic minorities that contribute equally to its vibrant cultural patch-work. The relatively unexplored villages of GuiZhou, SiChuan YunNan, Guangxi offer the more daring traveler the opportunity to witness first-hand ancient tribal rituals and traditions that have been preserved by these remote populations down through the ages. A popular Chinese idiom states “Yan Jian Wei Shi”, with the literal translation: “seeing is believing”. We feel strongly that our itineraries open the eyes of our clients to their widest possible extent.

Off the Beaten Track is designed to meet our clients’ goals of budget and adventurous experiences throughout China. Our participants are not tourists, they are travelers and we will travel to learn, to experience the local culture, and to interact with the local people.


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SinoOdyssey invites you to discover real culture and to come with us as
we explore the beauty of China’s legend

Minority Culture Experie

One of SinoOdyssey’s core philosophies is that we believe travel should benefit both the locals and the travelers; we travel to a place where our participants will find unfamiliar and learn how to reflect upon their own cultural back ground. Whether it is through having meals with a local family or taking the public transportation, our tours provide opportunities for a solid understanding of the real China and its people. We arrange a lot of hiking and wilderness exploration trips, home-stays in minority rural villages with local families and visiting local communities.


Ethnic Culture Immersion

Travelling down to the southeastern part of China will provide you with a strong contrast between modern life and the traditional tribal existence of minority ethnic groups. Well known for its rich minority culture, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi provinces provides the backdrop to a huge number of Chinese minorities, Guizhou province perhaps the most famously, for its well-preserved Miao and Dong villages where the traditional identity and lifestyle of this fascinating tribe has been kept alive. In some part of the southern China, not only features a kaleidoscope of colorful minorities, but also contains a geographically distinct natural landscape, 80% of which is mountainous with a lovely mix of steep drops and beautiful rice terraces Our itinerary is carefully designed for those who want to stay away from the tourist traps, in order to experience the true essence of the minority lifestyle.

Outdoor Adventures Camping and Hiking

By arranging treks and wildness exploration, spending time in the inhabitants of rural minority villages, visits to local communities we believe our guests will not only get closer to the ‘real’ China that lurks beneath the glossy tourist brochures but also gain a deeper knowledge of their own character, strengths and core values. These hiking and camping experiences are full of fun and challenging activities and adventures.


Rugged Travel and home Stay

We offer rugged and adventurous travel that will allow you to get away from the urban areas and explore some of the more remote areas of China。A homestay is when you actually live with a local, getting a glimpse into the everyday life of a local family or person in the community. An easy way to learn about a place and interact with people as well as its culture. Try to adapt as much as possible for a more immersive experience. We arrange home-stays in minority villages in Guizhou, Guangxi and Yunnan province.

Chinese Culture Heritage

Will take you far from the tourist track to isolated mountainous areas in the south-west of China. Once there you will have the opportunity to trek through some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the country and visit some truly remarkable cultural enclaves that bear witness to China’s dazzling ethnic variety. Not only your journey will be a more challenging travel experience but also a glimpse into the daily lives of communities that are trying to retain their own tribal identity in the face of ever-quickening social and technological developments.

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