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Located in southeast China, Guizhou is well known for its unspoiled minority culture, where you will find ancient life styles and traditional customs. The Miao are known for elaborate embroidery and exquisite work with silver. Silver accessories are a standard for the Miao people. For more than 400 years, it's been the custom to decorate oneself head to toe, with silver. A full set can weigh up to ten kilograms. The tradition of wearing silver is preserved by a great number of craftsmen, scattered through the Miao villages. Most of the silver accessories are made by hand in a traditional way. In Guizhou, besides the Miao, the Dong people are said to be the descendants of the ancient Guyue people, with a history of 2500 years. Not only are the Miao people known for their beautiful traditional outfits, but also for their unique style of singing. Traditionally, a chorus is made up of one family and the formal performing place of grand songs is the drum-tower. Usually the host group would invite visiting guests to sing in the antiphonal style. But it should be between groups of different genders, and song groups of the same gender cannot invite each other to sing.
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