SinoOdyssey China Travel Service
SinoOdyssey China Travel Service

Explore China in a different way With SinoOdyssey

SinoOdyssey specialises in custom-designed China tours focused on culture, education and the joy of genuine discovery. While we cherish the Great Wall's majesty, the Forbidden City's history and Shanghai's iconic views,We aim to dig below the surface of this amazing country. 

With five thousand years of history, China has an abundant and characteristic culture with many beautiful natural scenic spots, well-preserved ancient cultural relics and fascinating minority culture. Chinese culture is rich and profound. China has a plethora of historical records and although it is not the home of Buddhism, it does boast some of the most significant Buddhist scriptures. From antiquity, China has been home to many important advances in science and technology. Even today, the depth of Chinese culture also finds expression in its diversity and pluralism.

Are you ready for a travel experience that will dazzle your senses and take you somewhere totally new? We believe that travel is the best way to open the mind and that you will discover things from your journey that you would never learn in the classroom. SinoOdyssey invites you to discover real culture and to come with us as we explore the beauty of China’s legend.

Our mission is to provide travel experiences that will enrich the mind and soul.

The tours we offer are led by professional tour guides who are experts in Chinese culture. They are dedicated to ensuring that you have a great trip and they will take care of your meals, lodging, activities and every other detail of your journey. Also, we are open to hearing your input and we are able to adjust our plans to your request.

Each of the excellent tours we offer is a unique experience that is custom designed with high consideration paid to the individual needs and interests. We will work together with you to create the perfect tour for you.


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Specialises in China tours focused on culture, education and the joy of genuine discovery.

We are proud of our high quality team and the skills they bring to SinoOdyssey. They are mature and well-rounded individuals and are fun, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

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